how to uninstall preload?

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Wed Jul 21 15:50:06 UTC 2010

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> Subject: Re: how to uninstall preload?
> Ankur Sinha wrote:
>>> A handy alternative to looking at the yum.log:
>>> yum history list
>>> then you can see the transactions by date.
>>> then:
>>> yum history info <transaction id>
>>> to get a lot of info on what changed.
>>> -sv
>> Just thought it was worth mentioning.
> Thanks.
> I found that very useful.

New thing!

> From: Tim <ignored_mailbox at>

> And that reply was also missing the in-reply-to header, too.  Something
> is still wrong.  Either gmail being dopey (I wouldn't be surprised), or
> you're replying in an odd way.
> When you reply to a post, any post, whether a digest or ordinary
> message, the reply should have an in-reply-to header which details the
> message id of the message that you replied to.  This, along with a
> references header (listing the message ids of other messages in the same
> thread) are used to tie together all the messages in the same thread.
> Without that header / those headers, your messages aren't listed with
> the messages that it belongs with.  This makes it hard to follow a
> thread.  Normally, you can use "next" and "previous" mail buttons on a
> client to walk through a thread.  But when the threading headers are
> removed, your message is lost in a pile of thousands of other unrelated
> messages.
> (These headers aren't the introductory texts written into the messages,
> just above the quoted sections, they're the mail headers that you can
> see if you look at a message raw source.)
> By way of example, look at this month's messages in the archive:
> You can see that all the (well formed) replies to a message are threaded
> one after another, in their logical sequence.  Allowing us to step
> through, and follow messages, while trying to figure things out.  But
> the messages in this (malformed) thread are splattered all over the
> place, because the headers essential for threading are destroyed.  The
> same thing happens in our mail clients, when we go through our locally
> held email.  This makes it hard to follow a thread, bits of it will go
> unseen, because we don't see a reply where we expect to find one.  And
> if we need to refer to a prior post, it's much harder to find it than it
> ought to be.  Some people will just give up on trying to help, and
> delete problem posts.
> If you can fix that up, you help yourself (and others) immensely when
> you participate in mailing lists.

Sure, and while replying I wd rather trim myself the not required part.

Parshwa Murdia

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