Anything for home user and not the technical one??

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Thu Jul 22 02:02:34 UTC 2010

Parshwa Murdia wrote:

> For only home users, who want to use fedora

if you follow advice of firefox and google,

try this google link for 'advanced linux searching';

in bar labeled 'this exact wording or phrase:', enter;


which will give you 34 links, not all of which will give you answer to
you post, but will get you started.

a problem with your question is that you are wanting to limit yourself
and family to fedora.

*fedora is linux*. an _advanced_, _bleeding_edge_ form of *linux*.

therefore you limit your findings when you specify fedora.

because you and family are experienced as 'ms bs os' users, you should
actually be wanting to learn how to use *linux*.

to do this, change above search entry to;


which will give you about 534,000 links, not all of which will give you an
exact answer to you post, but will give you more links to what you need and
you can use fedora os to apply this information.

in example, 1st 3 hits;

  Linux Online - Linux Courses
  Getting Started with Linux - Beginner's Linux Course.

  Linux Online - Unmaintained Mini-HOWTOs
  How to use Linux and DOS and Windows95 together. Linux+OS2+DOS
  Mini-HOWTO How to use Linux and OS/2 and DOS together. Linux+WinNT
  Mini-HOWTO ...

  How to Learn to Use Linux - wikiHow
  Jul 16, 2010 ... Most computers these days run some version of
  Microsoft Windows, but many servers and desktop computers are
  starting to run Linux, ...

you can also have a look at links to right of page, 'Sponsored Links'.
also, note my sig. ;)

long story short, there is *no one place* to go to learn linux. be it
fedora or any of the other distributions.

to learn it, you are going to have to read.

no way around it, other than to click on what ever looks interesting
and hope that you do not break something.

most if not all programs have in their 'menu bar' an icon that says
'help'. that helps you with that program.

you will also find a 'help' for what ever desktop you use among your
task bar menus.

hth. [hope this helps]


peace out.



in a free world without fences, who needs gates.
help microsoft stamp out piracy - give linux to a friend today.
to mess up a linux box, you need to work at it.
to mess up an ms windows box, you just need to *look* at it.
learn linux:
'Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition'
'The Linux Documentation Project'
'LDP HOWTO-index'

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