Non-graphical Boot and Terminal Font

David Liguori liguorid at
Thu Jul 22 12:37:04 UTC 2010

I prefer to boot in non-graphical mode then load the Xwindow system, or 
not, as desired.  To this end I set my default runlevel to 3 and delete 
the option "rhgb quiet" in grub.conf, as is well documented.  In past 
releases the startup messages would change from 80 to 132 columns early 
on (no doubt in preparation for displaying them in a graphical window 
during startup if you choose that option) , but the shell prompt in the 
end was back to 80 columns.  In F13, though, it remains small.  This is 
hard on my eyes.  How do I get back to an 80-column shell?

My searches on this topic have been surprisingly unproductive.  I either 
get hits on changing the xterm display, which is a whole other thing, or 
passing a vga option to the kernel.  The latter can't be right because 
the change is *after* Grub passes control to the kernel.  I tried this 
and, indeed, it still changes to a small font during start-up.

"stty cols 80" does not seem to work.  In any case, I'd prefer to find 
where it changes to a small font in the first place and stop it.


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