Thunderbird/Lightning won't send meeting invites any more

Michael Miles mmamiga6 at
Fri Jul 23 04:23:49 UTC 2010

On 07/22/2010 08:50 PM, g wrote:
> Julian C. Dunn wrote:
>> Somewhere along the way, Thunderbird's calendar has stopped being able
>> to send meeting invites to people anymore. The "Notify attendees"
>> checkbox is greyed out on new appointments.
>> Any idea how I might go about fixing/diagnosing this problem?
> because you are using;
>> Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100621
>> Fedora/3.0.5-1.fc13 Lightning/1.0b2pre Thunderbird/3.0.5
> i would suggest you join mozilla support list for calendar at;
> in future, if you have problems related to any mozilla software, mozilla's
> support list are found at;
> not that there are not there are no knowledgeable calendar users on this
> list. it is just that your problems is more related to calendar than it
> is a fedora problem.
> hth.
You know this kind of answer is not cool.
It's just pathetic that one simple question could not even be considered 
because it's not a fedora problem
Same with nvidia and ati drivers.

People that are on those lists are not Fedora mainstay and getting help 
from them gets the response " Well it's not our problem , it's a Fedora 

I am really sorry nut the days of user groups and unlimited help on any 
subject are gone.

So a person in this case would have sign up on Mozilla and hope to get 
help on this extremely buggy software when the answer is more likely to 
be given by a Fedora user.

In the case of Nvidia it's very important gor the REAL DRIVERS to be 
installed as Nouveau just simply does not work 100%

I remember the C64 user groups and Amiga user groups we the best.
No problem answering questions based on Windows or Dos.

If it runs on Fedora then its a Fedora issue especially with Kernel 
updates and kmods,

I'm sorry bud but help was requested by a fellow user of one of the best 
OS's there is .... Fedora!!!
It would be nice if we could answer problems instead of getting the 
answer being, SOL because it's not a Fedora issue.

This user group is excellent except with help on 3rd party software.

That's my two cents

I have been having a lot of buggy problems with Thunderbird myself..the 
worse one is files blanking out subject lines and having to delete the 
same file several times.
Double emails and list goes on.
I use it because Evolution is even worse.

Hope you get your problem solved!!!!

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