Thunderbird/Lightning won't send meeting invites any more

g geleem at
Fri Jul 23 06:52:31 UTC 2010

Michael Miles wrote:

> You know this kind of answer is not cool.

this is true. but it is a cold hard fact.

you have a right to have such an opinion, just as i have a right to believe
that a fedora user would have a better chance of getting help from a list
that is dedicate to mozilla software that poster is having trouble with.

even if majority of them use ms bs os.

so which is more important, staying with fedora list and chancing not
getting help for problem, or using a tech support list that is likely
to give an answer?

no one can know everything about every thing. even tho some think they do.


> That's my two cents

and a good value.

> I have been having a lot of buggy problems with Thunderbird myself..the 
> worse one is files blanking out subject lines and having to delete the 
> same file several times.

start another thread with more detail info about your problem and i will
try to give you an answer. not that i consider myself to be any kind of
thunderbird wizard, but i do help a lot on mozilla tsl's.
[tho right now i am being censored and my replies are being delayed. :P]

plus, if your problems have been discussed, i may recall them and be able
to help you.

if not, you should consider posting to mozilla tsl. do not let pride
cause you pain.


peace out.



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