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JD jd1008 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 06:59:19 UTC 2010

  On 07/22/2010 10:40 PM, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-07-22 at 23:31 -0600, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
>> On Thu, 2010-07-22 at 22:14 -0700, JD wrote:
>>>> I've personally deployed Tier 1 databases - Oracle RAC in all of its
>>>> glory - on cloud infrastructure. Our RAC nodes outperformed their
>>>> physical counterparts in benchmark testing. And they did it with better
>>>> availability and redundancy built in.
>>> I would be interested in seeing independently published benchmarking
>>> results and not in-house benchmarking done by the devs of the installation.
>> The benchmarking was done by the client, and is being independently
>> verified. It will be eventually published for public consumption as well
>> - most likely around the end of August or so. Remind me and I'll send
>> you a copy.
> Almost forgot. Have a look at:
> http://www.vmware.com/solutions/business-critical-apps/exchange/
> ...It turns out the the current performance record for a little
> enterprise application called Microsoft Exchange is done on VMware
> vSphere, which just happens to be the leading platform supporting cloud
> based infrastructure today.
> Yes - Exchange runs faster on cloud infrastructure than it does on
> running directly on physical hardware. I've benchmarked similar using
> Phoronix benchmark suite. Because of how things can get optimized, such
> performance increases are actually fairly common.
Can you describe the hardware of the private cloud
and the hardware of the non-cloud machine in the
location where you were involved in the installation
or configuration?
I would like to  know what is being compared to what
when claims of doubling the performance are made.

For example if the cloud has a total of 400 cpus,
100 TB of mirrored raid 5, 200 ports of 10GigE, and
1600 GB ram,...etc...etc
is the performance benchmark compared to a similarly
equipped large scale SMP machine with same type and
speed of cpus and ram, same type and size of storage,
same OS and same app, and same backplane as the
machines in the cloud?

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