Non-graphical Boot and Terminal Font

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Fri Jul 23 14:13:19 UTC 2010

Stephen Gallagher-2 wrote:
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> On 07/22/2010 08:37 AM, David Liguori wrote:
>> I prefer to boot in non-graphical mode then load the Xwindow system, or 
>> not, as desired.  To this end I set my default runlevel to 3 and delete 
>> the option "rhgb quiet" in grub.conf, as is well documented.  In past 
> Something else that might be tried is adding 'vga=ask' to the kernel
> boot line, and then trying various modes until you find one that fits
> for you, then setting 'vga=<mode>'
> THere are a couple standard ones (including 80 column mode), but it also
> allows you to set the vesafb to any resolution that fits for you.
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> Stephen Gallagher
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Things are in quite a bit of flux.  First, in F12 the mode number I've used
for a long time
didn't work any more, but 'vga=ask' gave a list with a letter index that
select the desired mode.

With F13, Grub gives an error message that it can't parse a number if
is on the kernel boot line.  Haven't yet tried entering one of the old mode

Robert McBroom
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