Anything for home user and not the technical one??

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Fri Jul 23 23:36:06 UTC 2010

  Can I just point out quickly here that Fedora is probably not a proper 
distribution for home use?  It's meant to be a test bed for the latest 
in Linux and open source software; it has a very short version cycle 
time, it's always on the cutting edge, it isn't documented well, etc.  I 
love it, personally, but I'm a Linux administrator.

The only advantages to it are that it's free, and a couple of people 
have written books based on it.  You'd probably be much better off with 
RHEL (not free), CentOS (free) or Ubuntu (free), all of which are meant 
to be more stable and better documented than Fedora.

Just my 2 cents.


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>> >  after sending this, i will check chess site to see what happens for me.
>> >
>> >
>>> >>> From where to do this? There is coming no icos in the toolbar of firefox?
>> >
>> >  right click on 'tool bar', select 'customize'. a window opens with icons
>> >  that you drag and drop on 'tool bar'.
> I uninstalled the NoScript, which doesn't work with User Agent
> Switcher in my PC, but still IE7 (via default user agent) is not
> working and i am not able to play chess.
> Regards,
> Parshwa Murdia

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