Anything for home user and not the technical one??

Parshwa Murdia b330bkn at
Sat Jul 24 01:43:11 UTC 2010

On Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 5:06 AM, Hugh Caley <hughc at> wrote:

> Can I just point out quickly here that Fedora is probably not a proper
> distribution for home use?  It's meant to be a test bed for the latest in
> Linux and open source software; it has a very short version cycle time, it's
> always on the cutting edge, it isn't documented well, etc.  I love it,
> personally, but I'm a Linux administrator.

Is not a proper distribution for home use, this may be correct, but we
could explore much more in it, that is for sure. Even I am very new
here (in Fedora I mean), but have liked Fedora.

> The only advantages to it are that it's free, and a couple of people have
> written books based on it.  You'd probably be much better off with RHEL (not
> free), CentOS (free) or Ubuntu (free), all of which are meant to be more
> stable and better documented than Fedora.
> Just my 2 cents.
> Hugh

Don't mind but it is always not good to suddenly switch to some other
OS if problems come. It needs troubleshooting then. And that's why
listings are there. I am trying to resolve the issue, but may be it is
not getting solved! If suppose after switching to Ubuntu, again some
problem comes, would it mean to again switch to CentOS?

Parshwa Murdia

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