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Sat Jul 24 02:48:09 UTC 2010

Parshwa Murdia wrote:

> but how i use that user agent switcher? i restarted the pc and now in
> Firefox -> Tools -> Default User Agent is coming but switiching to IE
> and then playing is also not working?

as mentioned in post dated just before this one, i do not believe you
need to use 'agent switcher', as i logged in and played as firefox

not working or giving pop up window about 'pop up blocker'?

if 'pop up blocker' notice shows, hold down <ctrl>, <alt>, or <shift> key.

> and by default the option of 'Default User Agent' is selected/encircled,
> which i think is Firefox itself.

yes, 'Default User Agent' is firefox.


peace out.



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