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Sun Jul 25 02:05:10 UTC 2010

 On 07/25/2010 04:36 AM, Robert Myers wrote:
> Heavens.  Everyone is so sensitive.
> I was reacting to Parshwa Murdia's conclusion: Fedora is good.

I suspect most people don't like labels being applied to them simply
because their opinions differ.

> 1. Ubuntu is probably a better choice for the media-fascinated web
> surfer who doesn't do much else.

I've not used Ubuntu in a while.  Can't quite get used to the "Debian"
way.  But, if I recall there was no additional "rpmfusion" type of
repository to enable.  So, the type of user you describe doesn't have to
know much more or fiddle around to get what they want up and running. 
So, it easier.

FWIW, I recall there is a fedora "spin" (forgot the name..) that "as
released" includes all the relevant bits to make the media needy folks
> 2. Fedora *does* change a lot, and, even if it's not Rawhide, there
> are far too frequent upgrades, tweaks, and
> not-quite-ready-for-primetime glitches for the average user.  Look at
> all the traffic "preupgrade" generated.

I'm not going to argue with your opinion.  It is fun to check out the
archives on the Ubuntu users list from time to time.  They have lots in
common with fedora.  "Just updated - Lost Sound", "Leaving Ubuntu -
going back to Windows", "My wifi doesn't work", "My USB isn't
automounting", "Evolution is unstable".   And on and on....

In other words, as far as I can see, their issues aren't much different
than those with fedora.  Ubuntu is, of course, another flavor of Linux
and pretty much depends on the same OSS projects as all other flavors of
> 3. Windows is Windows and Linux is Linux, and never the 'twain shall
> meet, and thank heaven for that.  If one is setting priorities, please
> move making Fedora look and feel like Windows off the list entirely.
> If Ubuntu wants to put its resources into that enterprise, I'm happy
> there is an Ubuntu to direct the command-line-interface averse to.

Yeah, I don't know why folks keep bringing Windows into the mix.  In my
opinion, if they like the way Windows does things they should stick with
> The choice of an operating system or a distribution is as personal as
> taste in undergarments.

Yeah, but I like to pick the undergarments my wife wears...  :-)

When it comes to picking a linux distribution for the first time users
they *may* be better served by downloading the various liveCDs from
different distributions and giving them a whirl.  Or they could talk to
their friends and use what they use so they can help each other.  

Whatever distro they pick they will, inevitably, suffer from the "grass
is greener" syndrome.  :-)

In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of
24 hours. -- Mark Twain, on New England weather 葛斯克 愛德華 / 台北市八

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