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Mon Jul 26 23:19:36 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-07-25 at 16:49 +0930, Tim wrote:
> On Sun, 2010-07-25 at 10:05 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> > When it comes to picking a linux distribution for the first time users
> > they *may* be better served by downloading the various liveCDs from
> > different distributions and giving them a whirl.  Or they could talk
> > to their friends and use what they use so they can help each other.  
> If I were advising someone about to try Linux which one to try, my
> response would be similar:  Pick one that you have good support for,
> unless you're going to be able to fix all your problems by yourself.
> Whether that be support from your friends, or on-line.
> But they'll still go through the following.  ;-)
> > Whatever distro they pick they will, inevitably, suffer from the
> > "grass is greener" syndrome.  :-)
> In the past, I'd be inclined to suggest the same as what I'm using, as
> I'm familiar with it.  But, these days, knowing that I'll be called upon
> endlessly for help, I only tell people that I use Fedora, but they may
> be happier with Ubuntu.  And I can't help them with Ubuntu, because I
> don't use it.
> I tend to agree with the other comment about them having similar
> problems, but with a longer-life product, your resolution will probably
> have a longer life span, too.
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I do not see the point of this dispute.  Ubuntu catches with newbie bcz
its markated heavily compared to fedora.  I do not think stability is
the issue.  Debian lenny is extremely stable but i dont use it bcz its
too outdated and debian folks have a frustratingly long release
cycle(debian squeez havent yet made it to alpha possibly).

And its good that ppl are trying out linux.  

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