Anything for home user and not the technical one??

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Sun Jul 25 10:51:34 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 5:15 AM, Jonathan Beatty
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>> You'd probably be much better off with ... Ubuntu (free)

> Why is it important that we cater to the Ubuntu crowd? Fedora leads the way in the Linux software world, and bogging down the Fedora distro itself to accomodate those who are unwilling to use man/info pages, online docs, mailing lists, and #fedora would only hurt the ultimate goal of being on the forward edge of development. If a user wants something slow and stable, both CentOS (for servers) and Ubuntu (for desktops) are available for their use.

> Last I checked, Fedora is for those users with something to contribute to the GNU/Linux movement and FOSS in general. Ubuntu is undoubtedly more stable and user-friendly, but it falls on its face in the realm of development, contribution, and configurability.


Parshwa Murdia

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