Firewall not getting displayed

JB jb.123abc at
Sun Jul 25 18:15:25 UTC 2010

Parshwa Murdia <b330bkn <at>> writes:

> ... 
> > So it is the python app system-config-firewall that fails.
I installed a fresh F11, it is up to date.
Everything I described to you throughout the thread (I worked with F13 at that
time) is valid for F11 as well. The firewall is OK.
As I mentioned already, the last chance is to check dependencies (packages).
This is what my F11 system shows as a reference:

# yum list *system-config-firewall*
Installed Packages
system-config-firewall.noarch                1.2.16-3.fc11             installed
system-config-firewall-tui.noarch            1.2.16-3.fc11             installed

[root at localhost jb]# yum deplist system-config-firewall
package: system-config-firewall.noarch 1.2.16-3.fc11
  dependency: pygtk2-libglade
   provider: pygtk2-libglade.i586 2.14.1-1.fc11
   provider: pygtk2-libglade.i586 2.14.1-2.fc11
  dependency: python
   provider: python.i586 2.6-7.fc11
   provider: python.i586 2.6-12.fc11
  dependency: config(system-config-firewall) = 1.2.16-3.fc11
   provider: system-config-firewall.noarch 1.2.16-3.fc11
  dependency: gtk2 >= 2.6
   provider: gtk2.i586 2.16.1-4.fc11
   provider: gtk2.i586 2.16.6-2.fc11
  dependency: /usr/bin/python
   provider: python.i586 2.6-7.fc11
   provider: python.i586 2.6-12.fc11
  dependency: hicolor-icon-theme
   provider: hicolor-icon-theme.noarch 0.10-6
  dependency: pygtk2
   provider: pygtk2.i586 2.14.1-1.fc11
   provider: pygtk2.i586 2.14.1-2.fc11
  dependency: /bin/sh
   provider: bash.i586 4.0-6.fc11
   provider: bash.i586 4.0-9.fc11
  dependency: usermode-gtk >= 1.94
   provider: usermode-gtk.i586 1.100-2
  dependency: system-config-firewall-tui = 1.2.16-3.fc11
   provider: system-config-firewall-tui.noarch 1.2.16-3.fc11

[root at localhost jb]# yum deplist system-config-firewall-tui
package: system-config-firewall-tui.noarch 1.2.16-3.fc11
  dependency: libselinux >= 1.19.1
   provider: libselinux.i586 2.0.80-1.fc11
  dependency: config(system-config-firewall-tui) = 1.2.16-3.fc11
   provider: system-config-firewall-tui.noarch 1.2.16-3.fc11
  dependency: newt
   provider: newt.i586 0.52.10-3.fc11
   provider: newt.i586 0.52.10-4.fc11
  dependency: /usr/bin/python
   provider: python.i586 2.6-7.fc11
   provider: python.i586 2.6-12.fc11
  dependency: iptables >= 1.2.8
   provider: iptables.i586
  dependency: rhpl
   provider: rhpl.i586 0.221-1
  dependency: system-config-network-tui
   provider: system-config-network-tui.noarch 1.5.97-1.fc11
  dependency: iptables-ipv6
   provider: iptables-ipv6.i586

If the above verification does not result in finding a discrepancy, you
basically should drop your F11 installation as not trustworthy (for whatever
reason: you got that iso from a funny source, perhaps you used outside repos,
you could have been hacked, whatever ...).
F11 has reached an end-of-life point anyway (no official support/updates) and
considering that Fedora is a fast moving target with frequent releases, it is
rather advantageous for all of us "fanboyz" to move on to debug the next

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