firefox youtube cookie fix

Frank Cox theatre at
Sun Jul 25 18:48:40 UTC 2010

I keep the "accept cookies from sites" option un-checked in my Firefox
preferences and maintain a (short) list of websites that I allow cookies

Even though I have "allow for session" set for, it still
comes up with "An error occurred" when I try to play a video.  If I
check "accept cookies from sites" and reload the page, it works even
though no cookie that's not already on my whitelist shows up.

Which is a pain because I have to change that setting, reload the page,
watch the video and then remember to change the setting back to not
accept cookies again.

I just found the fix. is already on my "accept for session" cookie exception

Adding (note no www in that) to that list manually (under
Edit-Prefrences-Privacy-Exceptions) solves the problem..

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