VM Manager, DHCP, and KVM

Alex mysqlstudent at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 01:55:15 UTC 2010


> I have mine setup the way you want. (No Windows though)
> I set up reserved 192.xxx.xxx.xxx with names\macs' in the Hardware Router.

What is the Hardware Router you are referring to? Is that an
application, or do you mean your actual router?

> I set up a br0 in the VM Host,

Do you mean using one of the network management tools, or is this from
within the Virt-Manager?

> then connected all VM Guests using said br0
> During guest setup giving them the pre-assigned mac's\names.

I've already created the guest. How can I do this after setup?

> I used dhcp as it supplied the reserved ips'

Do you mean also from within the Virt-Manager application, or by some
dhcp management application?

Thanks for your help. Your writing is a bit unclear.


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