FC13 Connect to DD-WRT WPA2

Darr darr at core.com
Mon Jul 26 04:09:46 UTC 2010

On Sunday, 25 July, 2010 @12:43 zulu, fred smith scribed:

> Ah. on the guess that that is what the OP is asking about, FYI
> I'm using a 63-character WPA2 shared key and it works fine.

8-chars is WPA2's minimum Pre-Shared Key (PSK) size; 63 is the maximum.

I have found between 15 and 20-characters, consisting of
numbers, symbols and mixed-case alpha, to be sufficient.

Technically, I don't think 63-characters is any-more
secure than using just 13-chars. But it would take more
than a googol of centuries just to go through all the 8-char
combinations with 20-seconds between tries to keep
the anti-hack timeout from kicking in, so as long as
it's a complex password instead of a dictionary word
or logical sequences, you're probably good.  ;-)

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