Anything for home user and not the technical one??

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Mon Jul 26 04:25:22 UTC 2010

Gene Heskett wrote:

> Chuckle.  More likely the honeypot would have 'used' the attacker. ;-)

lol. could be.

next time i see him, i will ask if he has tried any more and if he set up
anything to log who "flies" were.

i do know that when they get attacker address with honeypot, never mentioned
how, that they do report to attackers isp and that many have been prosecuted.

> That was my view also.

only reason i have ever seen/or applied, to firewall all systems behind
a router is for business security.

after all, if you can not trust your family, it is time to start thinking
about getting a new family.

i do have one family of friends where a younger brother keep breaking into
his older sister's computer to read her emails.

i asked him one time if he ever found anything good and his replied nothing
but a bunch of 'girlie stuff'.

i asked why he kept looking and his reply was 'i can hope, can't i?'

i asked no more.


peace out.



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