correct settings for ntfs partition in fstab

Pasan prasanhetti at
Mon Jul 26 10:11:29 UTC 2010

I dual boot my laptop with Windows 7 and fedora 13 x86_64.

I want my ntfs partitions to be mounted with RW access only when  a certain
mount point is accessed with root permissions.

I also want the same ntfs partition mounted in another mount point with Read
Only access for all users at boot time.

Is this possible? What are the correct lines to be added to fstab? can I use
UUIDs for ntfs partitions?

I'm also confused with correct umask settings. If I extract a archive with
file-roller to a ntfs mount (the default ntfs mount in gnome with fuse)
files are extracted with incorrect attributes. Is this normal with ntfs
partitions? Or can I correct this with correct mount settings for ntfs-3g
driver in fstab?

Thanks in advance for all of you

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