F13 - Nvidia graphic driver - 3D acceleration problems

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Mon Jul 26 18:08:51 UTC 2010

On Mon, 26 Jul 2010 19:27:39 +0200
melanie78 at gmx.at wrote:

> Hi!
> Thanks for your answers!
> Unfortunately the noveau driver doesn´t fit my needs, because I need
> the proprietary nvidia driver to start games with wine. 

Have you tried installing the mesa-dri-drivers-experimental package as
mentioned in the second link there? That should provide 3d for many
(but not all) chipsets. 

> I also tried the kmod and akmod nvidia driver with the rpm packages.
> But this driver doesn´t work too. 

Can you expand on that? Any errors? Did you follow the procedure in the
link exactly?

> I posted a thread in nvnews forum. A member informed me, that I have
> some error messages in my bug report file. But only nvidia can decode
> this "cryptic stuff". But this errors mean, that something is wrong
> with my gpu, because of a bug in the driver or a hardware problem. 
> So I think in my case, the problem is the graphic card and not Fedora
> or adjustments in the system. 

That could be the case... 

> Thanks a lot for your answers and suggestions.

No problem. 

> Best regards,
> Melanie

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