Thinkpad A22p/Improper Video on Install

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Tue Jul 27 06:35:06 UTC 2010

James McKenzie wrote:
> I'm trying to install FC8 on my old, creaky Thinkpad A22p (ATI Rage 
> Mobility Rage 3) and the video from the graphical installer is not 
> correct.  I get about 1/3 of the orginal screen, then 1/3 of the third 
> 1/3 of  screen followed by that 1/3 again.

it is possible that video drives for your laptop are not available in fc8.

download and burn a 'live cd' for a later version, f11 or f12 or f13 to
see how video is handled.

> If I use the text installer, X will not start when running the first 
> time after installing.

'X' does not configure to start when a text install is used and sets up
a 'level 3' start up.

at login prompt, login as user, at command line, enter 'startx' with
out '' to see if 'X' will start.

if it does and all is ok, if not, post back with results.

you can maintain level 3 and use 'startx' for opening desktop.

or, as 'root' user, open '/etc/inittab' and change line;

at 'root' user prompt:

  cd /etc
  vi inittab

press down arrow key to line with 'id:3:initdefault:', move cursor with
right arrow key to '3', press <r> key, press <5> key.

to write/save, and exit, press in sequence ':wq' with out ''.

this will change 'id:3:initdefault:' to 'id:5:initdefault:' and thereafter
system will boot you in desktop manager for logins.


peace out.



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