Blue screen of death

Alex mysqlstudent at
Tue Jul 27 15:16:10 UTC 2010


>> Completely dead. Catatonic. Unresponsive. Nothing in the logs.
> you could reboot, switch to a text console (e.g ctrl f2) have a look
> in $HOME/.xsession-errors, though I've you've logged in again already
> it's probably been overwritten. my guess would be that something
> killed your X session. If you're running f13 and have an nvidia card,

It's a Sapphire HD5770 (Radeon). Here's the .xsession-errors.old,
which I believe is the one from the crash:

There are quite a few errors in there, but nothing that I think is
directly related to it going catatonic. Bunch of network errors from
azureus, which I assume happened after whatever killed the network and

> that's kind of the point of fedora. if you want something stable, use
> CentOS (or RHEL) or maybe an ubuntu variant. I think the benefits of a
> cutting edge distro outweigh the drawbacks, but I agree that it is
> very frustrating when something fundamental stops working.

Yes, frustrating, particularly when it's one fundamental thing after
another, like ethernet detection, printing, and basic networking.


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