securing a fedora 12 pc on a lan

Rick Stevens ricks at
Tue Jul 27 20:23:46 UTC 2010

On 07/27/2010 12:22 PM, mike lan wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 7:22 PM, Marko Vojinovic<vvmarko at>  wrote:
>> On Tuesday, July 27, 2010 18:49:13 mike lan wrote:
>>> the fact is I don't like being spied on my desktop ,
>>>   this means there is no fast way to secure a fedora 12 pc  ?
>> Exactly what kind of security are you interested in? Fedora is quite secure
>> with its default installation, if you didn't turn off the firewall and
>> SELinux.
>> I never needed any additional setup.
>> If you tell us what kind of additional security you want, we might be able
>> to
>> give you some specific suggestions.
>> What do you mean by "being spied"?
>> HTH, :-)
>> Marko
> I mean "looking at my dekstop" on the other room, or installin some
> rootkits  to gain access to the pc on my behalf.

As others have suggested you had better have a good look at your
employment agreement and the company's policy documents.  It may be
that they have a policy which states that they can "spy" on you and an
attempt by you to block that could be grounds for termination of your
employment and possible prosecution for misuse of company assets.

It is not uncommon for employers to watch their employee's web access,
email and other use of IT resources to ensure they are being used for
company business and not personal activities or ones that may be in
opposition to the company's goals.  If everyone would play by the rules,
this wouldn't be necessary, but I know of several people who have been
let go because they spent all day in chat rooms or online poker
tournaments.  One was sacked because she was releasing confidential
accounting data to a competitor.  She's also in jail now for fraud,
embezzlement, industrial espionage and perjury.

Businesses have the right to limit your access to their assets.  You
might not like it and it's a sad commentary on society, but that's the
real world.
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