does Fedora need Google search logic?

Valent Turkovic valent.turkovic at
Tue Jul 27 20:29:18 UTC 2010

Package search has been bugging me for a long time now, I as an advanced user
know exactly what I want and any package is just "yum install name" away, yes I
still use yum and will continue to do so because I prefer yum over pkcon :)

also pkcon is harder spell the phone line or skype (when dealing with
new users),
yum is easier to type even you are regular cli user, and yum is easier
command to
remember but never mind, back to topic at hand.

For new users it is too hard to install package by searching because for any
general search phrase and even for searches that are unique package names users
get too many search results, and too often the top result is not what they are
looking for. Too much information is not a good thing.

This has been bugging me for months but haven't written anything about this
because didn't see a solution until now.

After looking at Suse Studio Screencast [1] it become obvious really fast whan
needs to be done because they have done it in really elegant way.

When doing a search in SUSE studio package search results are sorted by
installation frequency. So packages which are most often installed are on top.

SUSE guys have great example by searching for apache package. I repeated apache
search on Fedora with yum, pkcon and with PackageKit GNOME GUI. The results are
attached in this RFE, but you can see how search isn't usable if user doesn't
know exactly that needs to be installed.
Regular users won't go installing apache, this is just one example, but I had
lots of similar situations in real life when I told some fedora users to just
type name of package and to install it, but users got too many search results
and got confused. I expect that only few packages will show and that main
package will be first.

We need some king of google logic that would sort package search results.

Am I making any sense? Has something like this already in the works? Am I just
wasting your time?


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