Preupgrade F11 ---> F12 ?

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Tue Jul 27 22:14:00 UTC 2010

Patrick Bartek wrote:
> --- On Mon, 7/19/10, Bill Davidsen <davidsen at> wrote:
>> Patrick Bartek wrote:
>>> --- On Tue, 7/13/10, Peter Diercks <di-listen at>
>> wrote:
>>>> I am running a server under F11. It is a remote
>> machine
>>>> which I have no
>>>> physical access to. It has a network connection. I
>> wanted
>>>> to upgrade to
>>>> F12 using preupgrade again, but this time I am
>> afraid I'll
>>>> run into
>>>> problems due to the size of /boot (194M, 153M free
>> space).
>>>> Does anybody know if this issue has been fixed?
>>> Not that I've heard.  500MB is still the "safe"
>> minimum (from what I've read) for /boot for preupgrading.
>>> Maybe, this will help:
>>> FWIW: I've never had good luck with upgrading
>> Fedora.  For that reason, I've always done clean
>> installs on separate partitions keeping the previous install
>> and setting up a dual boot in case things go wrong.
>> I normally hand configure storage, but on one old (FC6)
>> machine I had let the 
>> installer do it, and a bunch of LVM stuff was used instead
>> of partitions. This 
>> worked until I decided to replace the 64 bit FC6 with 64
>> bit FC13. The install 
>> went fine, and the old LVM stuff was still there, but it
>> wouldn't boot any more. 
>> I copied the appropriate stanzas from the x86_FC6, and the
>> kernel gets loaded, 
>> then it says it can't find the LVM parts to finish
>> booting.
>> The pv (one partition) has x86_{boot,root}_fc6 and
>> x86_64_{boot,root}_fc13 LVs 
>> on it. I can mount the fc6 LVs just fine, just can't boot.
>> The moral of this story is that the O.P. really means
>> "separate partitions" not 
>> some spare LVs you have. Very sad, I really wanted to run
>> both, since I have 
>> some software which was not upgraded past FC6. Today's
>> warning. ;-)
> I don't use LVMs for the same reasons I don't "upgrade".  After using Linux for 10 years, I've got partition sizes pretty much dialed-in, at least, for me, and always custom partition.  I never let the installer decide.  It always decides wrongly anyway.
> I never could see any advantage to LVMs (over "real" partitions) other than being able to resize them while they are mounted.
They do make it easy to move stuff to new hardware, that can be important as a 
time saving if you have to do it often.

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