Blue screen of death

Alex mysqlstudent at
Tue Jul 27 23:12:19 UTC 2010


>> Yes, frustrating, particularly when it's one fundamental thing after
>> another, like ethernet detection, printing, and basic networking.
> Sure, but it works both ways: sometimes getting up-to-date software
> from upstream fixes bugs that in a more "stable" distro you'd have to
> wait much longer for.  For example, I used to have to install the

Yes, for the most part, I agree. However, I've set up FC13 on at least
three desktops with varying processors, motherboards, ethernet, disks,
etc, and have had problems that would have prevented someone with less
experience than myself from being able to install it. On one of them,
I had to rmmod the forcedeth and r8169 drivers, then modprobe the
r8169 driver in order for it to properly link to the switch, all while
the installer is running. On another, the installer would crash when
making changes to the disk layout.

I've used Fedora since it was Red Hat, and started with before 4.1,
probably some twelve years ago. The first install was Yggdrasil Linux
on 60 floppy disks on my 80386. I pretty much dropped Linux on the
desktop entirely a number of years ago because I got frustrated with
the lack of progress.

By mentioning that I've been using Linux a really long time, I don't
mean to imply I'm an expert, but I have quite a bit of experience, and
don't plan on giving up on it ever. I mentioned the forcedeth example
because the board was at least three years old, so it's not like it
was some experimental driver where I'm the first person to use it.

My staff uses Ubuntu on their desktop because "it just works", but I
like RPM better, have been using Red Hat for ever, and believe that
they have better availability to development, new applications, and
wider support for new  technologies.

I'm sure that if I spent the time I could figure out where the problem
is with ghostscript that is causing my printing problems, but that's
not my job any longer. I'm just often very surprised when I see these
"RHCE" guys that can't
 troubleshoot these types of problems, and wonder if they're the same
clueless ones that are testing these before RH releases it.

Thanks for listing to me rant for a bit.

technologies. I just wish

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