Blue screen of death

Alex mysqlstudent at
Tue Jul 27 23:21:39 UTC 2010


>> (5 cpu cores) (version 2.20.00)
>> [Firmware Bug]: powernow-k8: No compatible ACPI _PSS objects found.
>> [Firmware Bug]: powernow-k8: Try again with latest BIOS.
>> The sixth core isn't enabled for some reason.
>> It's a very recent board (Asus Crosshair IV) with the latest BIOS.
>> Where is the best place to go for power management docs?
> There are potentially so many different things going on here that,
> were it me, I'd want to make sure that the machine does something sane

There isn't anything wrong with the computer. I went into the BIOS and
enabled the sixth core. For some reason it was disabled, perhaps
during the BIOS update, and I just didn't go into the BIOS to check.
I've put the board, chip, memory, and all other components through
pretty aggressive tests prior to the install.

>  Maybe all the problems aren't Fedora.

I hacked up the installer during installation to get the ethernet
controller module to load properly. The printer works fine on Ubuntu
and Windows and a much older version of Linux. I learned what not to
do during the install to prevent the disk partitioning from crashing.
Even six months after it was released some java(script?) applications
would crash FF. That's now apparently fixed.

At this time I think the power management problems on my AMD X6
processor and Asus Crosshair MB are related to the upstream power
management developers, so it's perhaps only indirectly related to
Fedora. However, there is still a "Suspend" button on my desktop that
is ineffective, and Fedora should know that it doesn't work and either
disable it or produce some type of information/error message that lets
me know it's not working.

The VM and bridging problems I have with Fedora, including the
inability for the network-manager to support bridging configurations,
is a feature drawback which I don't blame on them, but I still wonder
how anyone could be productive with the virt-manager application
without having a bridge, which has to be done by hand. The two don't
seem to work together, which makes it pretty impossible to use in any
effective way.


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