Blue screen of death

Alex mysqlstudent at
Tue Jul 27 23:36:50 UTC 2010


>  I suspect it to be the main source of instability:
>  - directly
>    I happened to visit some sites that were so "intensely heavy" in content
>    that they could literally lock the FF (and the machine) for good. Perhaps
>    the cause was HTML plus JavaScript plus intentionally "cleverly" coded
>    pages (I even had Java Runtime turned off) that apparently FF could not
>    process smoothly.

Had it consumed all your available swap, too? Was the disk thrashing
while this was happening? It just locks the machine, and doesn't crash
so you can create a bug report and send the FF people?

>    I think FF should quickly move to tabs and other processes separation as
>    Google Chrome did.

I'm sure there's a reason they haven't done this. Perhaps we'll see it
in the v4.0 version, which should be available shortly.

>  - indirectly
>    I visited a very popular site with a small Java applet that on a first
>    time startup almost regularly knocked the FF down; I passed its URL to FF
>    devs).

Often times these problems actually result from various add-ons which
are poorly written, leak memory, leave files open, locking problems,

>    Java environment is a hog and a cause of instability, still.

I found Azureus on FC13 consuming 5GB of RAM! Damn. Five friggin gigs!

> - complete lockup, could not open xterm to kill some process, no reaction to
>  CTL-Alt-Backspace, could move cursor only.
>  For that reason I added to my panel the "bomb" app (Force a misbehaving
>  application to quit) to get access to my desktop system (I hope to be
>  effective with it; waiting to try it out ...).

I don't understand how that would work. If you're able to click on an
application to kill something, why can't you just manually kill it?

> $ alias startx='/usr/bin/startx -- -nolisten tcp >& .startx.log'
> This may give some clue about the nature of any problems.

There are a few errors. I'll post a separate thread to see if someone
can help me troubleshoot them.

> I find F13 quite stable (despite its dev nature); I prefer Gnome as well over
> KDE, by any means. So I do not think you should drop either of them.

It's gotten better over the past few months.


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