Which software for backing data up to DVDs ?

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 04:11:05 UTC 2010

Just wanted to update everyone as I've still been tinkering with the
script some more making improvements and adding more options.

Quick summary (some may be duplicates from previous posts):
- Added the exact byte capacity of media to discspan.ini file
- Added --size-factor option to change disc capacity on the fly when
files+metadata is too much to fit on the disc.
- Changed disc capacity calculation to round up each file to 2kB for ISO9660.
- Added additional diagnostic output such as number of files per disc
and approximate usage of disc.
- Fixed --test (I think I already posted this one)
- Added --iso-dir to write iso images to disk instead of burning.
- Added basic logic so that volume names + disc number don't go over
the max length of 31 characters.

If I don't hear back from the original author I may upload my version
to a free hosting site. For now please email me off list if you're
interested in it and I'll email the archive back to you. It's only
about 33k but still don't want to send it to the full mailing list.


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