securing a fedora 12 pc on a lan

mike lan lan.mike88 at
Wed Jul 28 07:34:04 UTC 2010

> If you
> (a) use default F12 installation options (firewall and SELinux turned on),
> (b) don't give away your user and root passwords to anyone (and use strong
> password choices),
> (c) don't do any ignorant changes to the system (ie. understand what you
> are
> about to do *before* you actually do it),
> you'll be pretty safe from anyone gaining any access to your F12 box. In
> general, Linux (Fedora in particular) is considered more safe than windows
> in
> this regard.
> So if you try not to do anything stupid, the default Fedora installation
> will
> provide you with quite good security.
> HTH, :-)
> Marko

ok thanks
what about turning off ipv6 ?
installing rkhunter ?
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