Blue screen of death

Alex mysqlstudent at
Wed Jul 28 18:09:43 UTC 2010


>> Thanks for listing to me rant for a bit.
> The crack about "these RHCE guys" is rather out of order.
> However, fair enough: everyone's experience is valuable.  But while
> I'm not going to deny your problems, I just haven't had an experience
> anything like that with any of my boxes.  It's inevitable that, with
> improvements, some things will break with a new release, given the
> huge range of PC hardware.

Yes, I agree, and appreciate your attention. I don't mean to sound
disgruntled or defamatory, and also don't mean to imply they are
categorically clueless. Probably should have left that comment out; it
just stands to my frustration, particularly after posting questions
repeatedly without solutions.

I also realize it's not "shovelware"; there are always tons of new
features, and development is rapid, and usually well-tested. It's
certainly much more complex than it was many years ago. Maybe I just
wish there was a better balance between being able to rely on it for
desktop productivity, with more of the development left for rawhide.


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