Still no kmod for new Nvidia

Michael Miles mmamiga6 at
Wed Jul 28 19:19:27 UTC 2010


I have been using Fedora 12 and I like the nvidia driver as it makes my 
card work like it should.

My question is the last update for Nvidia driver195.36.31-2 seems to 
have no kmod for

The kmod is there but they list as and the same as the 
kmod for also ends with -1

The driver 195.36.31-2 is a update to the 195.36.31-1 but the kmods have 
not been updated.

Will these kmods works ok if I manually install them but they are not 
being identified because of the different endings driver has a -2, the 
kmods end with -1 still.

Also I have sent this to RPM Fusion with no luck with any answer as by 
the looks of things all the questions on the mailing list there ( about 
20 for a month) have all come from this list.
I just want to know if it is safe to even go ahead with this new driver 
as it is an and is mislabelled. That's why Fedora update is not picking 
it up.
I know there is no support here, but I hope someone knows the answer to 
the question above

Thank you

Fedora 12 x86_64
Nvidia 9400GT

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