Blue screen of death

Alex mysqlstudent at
Wed Jul 28 20:43:15 UTC 2010


>> As if to say, "F"-you, the screen changed from my normal desktop, with
>> Firefox, Azureus, a few terminals, and a few VMs running, to a solid
>> blue screen with just the Fedora squiggly 'F' in the middle of the
>> screen, and the whole computer locked up.
> Having a quick look.
> What is the host box?
> cpu\ram
> Is NetworkManager runnng?
> What do you use for the VM's? Vbox xen kvm etc.

It's an Asus Crosshair IV with 8GB and an AMD X6 1090T, Sapphire
HD5770 and a WD 6G/s SATA3 disk.

I'm using KVM, but it just happened again without any VMs running. I'm
now not using NetworkManager, and instead just 'network', since I
wanted to use bridging, which NetworkManager doesn't seem to support.

There's nothing in the logs to indicate what may be causing this. I
didn't see it happen the last time, since the monitor was turned off,
but the previously it presented a blue screen with the F in the
center, and no mouse cursor.


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