Still no kmod for new Nvidia

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at
Thu Jul 29 07:42:16 UTC 2010

On Wed, 28 Jul 2010 16:14:23 -0500, Christofer wrote:

> What, exactly, is your goal in complaining here that RPM Fusion
> doesn't have the latest kmods?  What, exactly, are you trying to
> accomplish?  If it's simply to complain, then please stop.  If the
> goal is to motivate RPM Fusion to release an appropriate kmod, this is
> the wrong list for it.
> If you're having a general issue with installing rpms, feel free to
> post all you like.  If you're wanting to whine about RPM Fusion,
> please whine on their list, not this one.

Unsure whom you refer to with "you" here. Please don't mix the several
Michaels in this thread. ;)

*I* haven't complained about any kmods. I've just pointed out that I
understand why the RPM Fusion web page mentions public/popular Fedora
discussion places intead of trying to duplicate them all for only
RPMFusion-specific topics. There may be questions that will be left
unanswered when asking them in Fedora places, but nothing is wrong with
that. Sometimes a problem is not understood, because it is unknown or
not reproducible, and nobody has the time to try to understand a
confusing/complex question. Complaining endlessly/stubbornly are
symptoms not specific to RPM Fusion users, btw.

In the same way, Fedora users also post about application-specific
issues in Fedora discussion places. And only if something appears to
be too specific to an app, somebody will suggest looking for app-specific
support places and trying your luck there.

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