Fedora users on powerpc

ZL zchry237 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 29 08:17:32 UTC 2010

I have tried to install FedoraCore 12 on a PPC G4.
The installation remains impossible to achieve.

I unseated all PCI cards.  I removed all external enclosures:
FireWire, USB, etc.  I removed all devices:  BlueTooth, PowerMate,
printers, scanners, etc.  The only devices connected to the computer were,

I continued with the installation.  The disk I used for the
Installation was purchased from the linuxStore.  The installation
of FedoraCore 12 completed successfully.

At the conclusion of the installation, FedoraCore 12 required a reboot.
The installation automatically rebooted.  For the MAC, a number of
boot options are apparent:  l = linux, m = mac os, o = openfirmware, n  =
network, c = cd.

note:  The m option does not boot into osx.5.8.  Yaboot assigns os9.2 to the
letter m.  On the mac, three boots are performed:  osx.5.8, os9.2, and
FedoraCore linux.  During my school years, my boot options included: osx,
os9, SUSE, YelloDog, Ubuntu, Debian, and FedoraCore.  To correct the m
option issue, I edit yaboot.conf, as root.   After editing yaboot.conf, I
run ybin -v, in terminal, to receive a HOLY blessing.

After choosing l = linux, in the linux boot option menu, FedoraCore 12
proceeds to boot.  FedoraCore 12 commences to boot.  Shortly after the
boot process reaches eth0, eth1, tty, the boot process hangs.

I thought the kernel failure might be due to OCHI.  This is because the
FireWire ports on the mac are no longer working.  During the boot process,
linux issues an Exception report after checking the built-in FireWire ports.

This OCHI Exception may or may not be the source of the inability of
FedoraCore 12 to boot into the linux desktop.  Perhaps FedoraCore 12 code is
written so that OCHI Exceptions force the boot process to hang.  I do not

To resolve the issue with FedoraCore 12, I simply re-install FedoraCore 11.
This distro works fine.  An OCHI Exception report also occurs in the
FedoraCore 11, boot process. And FedoraCore 11 continues to boot, to the
login screen.  

After logging into the FedoraCore 11 desktop, a prompt appears.  The prompt
suggests that a report be sent, to the developers, about the kernel failure.
I choose not to send a report, because the FireWire ports are not working.
It is not necessary to fix the built-in FireWire ports at this time.  The
mac is an old mac. 

On 7/23/10 3:13 AM, "JB" <jb.123abc at yahoo.com> wrote:

> JD <jd1008 <at> gmail.com> writes:
>>   Is there another list that is dedicated to fedora users on powerpc?
>> I had asked a question here about booting F12 on powerbook G4,
>> and no one answered. I assume there are no fedora/powerpc
>> users on this list.
> http://lists.infradead.org/mailman/listinfo/fedora-ppc
> JB


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