firefox bug (fedora or mozilla?)

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Thu Jul 29 18:33:12 UTC 2010

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On 07/30/2010 02:12 PM, Mike Wright wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've come across some sites that only partially render when using 
> firefox.  I had been using 3.0.15 so upgraded to 3.6.6 from Remi 
> Collet's repository in hopes of better functionality but the problem 
> persists.  Note that both of these render correctly when using Chrome.
> [1] has three columns.  Column one is the login box and it doesn't 
> display.  By drilling down using firebug I can change the iframe to 
> "display: block" and it appears and is functional.  I can't remember 
> where I found the error but the complaint was that it couldn't find 
> busybox.  I don't know if that is a dependency but it isn't part of the 
> standard install; yum installing it had no effect (which I expected 
> because I think there is also a javascript busybox).
> [2] has two columns.  The left one is the TOC but it doesn't display 
> either.  I can't figure out that one but am inclined to believe it is 
> also javascript related.
> Would some brave soul be so kind as to give these a whirl and let me 
> know if it works for them?
> Thanks,
> Mike Wright
> [1]
> [2]

Both are working fine with firefox-3.6.7-1.fc13.x86_64 and
xulrunner- for me.

What version of Fedora are you running? What exact Firefox and xulrunner

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