Still no kmod for new nvidia

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>> On 29 July 2010 09:39, Bill Davidsen <davidsen at> wrote:
>>> It is a commentary that computers which ran using Fedora drivers in FC6 thru FC9
>>> now must use vendor drivers or run in VESA mode. Was that not clear in the above
>>> quoted 1st paragraph? Hardware which was new less than four years ago no longer
>>> has the same functionality it did.
>> Maybe Fedora can have a legacy-drivers package which people can use?
>Well, that would have to be RPM Fusion, and you might suggest that to
>them.  Fedora still wouldn't be able to distribute the drivers
>because, despite being old, they are still proprietary.
Was there a shift with FC10 to remove the old drivers or was there an external threat (lawsuit)?

If it was the latter, the Project does have something to fear.  If it was just a cleanup, then they should still be available on the Fedora site, with a warning that they may not work with current Fedora Core releases.  You can still get very old Windows drivers from the Vendor sites (if you can find the vendor that is) and the only work with the Windows release that they were certified for.  That I can understand.

As to the 'lack of maintenance' on the FOSS drivers, once you make the folks happy and the noise dies, developers move on.  That is a fact of life that the 'squeaky wheel gets the grease'.  Once the wheel stops squeaking, we stop applying grease.  Now that a new version of X is coming, some of those 'paying' folks may want to step up and complain.  Then again, they may scrap what they have and get new.

And the comment on "Linux on the Desktop".  Not ready yet.  We need it so that users don't have to go through hoops to use what they need.  All distributions suffer from this, even the more friendly ones.

James McKenzie

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