Still no kmod for new nvidia

Paul Allen Newell pnewell at
Thu Jul 29 21:37:23 UTC 2010

On 7/29/10 7:56 AM, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 23:48:57 -0400,
>    Paul Allen Newell<pnewell at>  wrote:
>> If doing a "black-box" only job of "reverse engineering" requires one to
>> load memory with a trademark, how does this fall into the realm of
>> acceptable?
> There was a court case where a company was using a copyrighted phrase
> for access control. A competitor won when they also used the same phrase
> for access control purposes.
> That was a long time ago and people seemed to feel that when a customer
> bought something, they owned it. In today's environment that case might
> have gone differently.

Thank you for the additional background ... especially the "long time 
ago" qualification.


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