Still no kmod for new nvidia

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Thu Jul 29 21:53:08 UTC 2010

James McKenzie wrote:
> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>> And if you run Radeon chipsets which worked with FC6 and FC9, should you expect 
>> that the developers would spend time on gamer features like 3D and compiz while 
>> long time users run in text mode or VESA mode at best? Not everyone can throw 
>> away what was a pretty decent laptop when it gets to be three years old.
> And WHY should AMD/ATI support old hardware?  They ain't selling anymore. 
I guess because they want customers to be happy and disposed to buy new. In any 
case, the vendor driver works and the open source doesn't, so I would suppose 
that since it was working they just didn't bother to break it.

> ATI support is, mostly, on a paid basis and funded for current AMD/ATI 
> products.
> The current version of the Catalyst drivers does not and should not 
> support my 10 year old laptop with an ATI Rage Mobility 3 2xAGP 
> adaptor.  Nor do I expect them to do so.
The vendor driver supports my three year old Radeon chip, the current Fedora 
driver offers text mode and some VESA capabilities.

>> Lately it feels as if developers are not adding features but breaking or 
>> removing support as well, as though there were some limit on the number of 
>> chipsets which can work.
> Again, if I worked as a developer for a company that was paying my 
> bills, I would do what they tell me. 
I think you are missing the point, the vendor drivers seem to work, the open 
source don't.

> This is true for nVidia, AMD/ATI and Intel.  What makes them money is 
> what they will support.  Ever check the difference in Windows versus 
> Linux support?  Linux lags severely in several functions across the 
> board.   Windows gamer users are a major source of their money and sales 
> in high end video cards.  Linux users are not.
> Them's the facts folks.   You cannot short the developers on FOSS 
> projects, you have to look at the manufacturers as well.
> BTW, this applies to ANY of the 'non-Windows' operating systems that 
> rely on developers to create drivers for the device.

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