firefox bug (fedora or mozilla?)

Mike Wright mike.wright at
Thu Jul 29 22:36:22 UTC 2010

Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> Time to upgrade, I'm afraid. You'll get no support for Fedora 10. It was
> end-of-lifed about six months ago. There are no more updates coming for
> it, ever.

Thanks for that but I'm well aware that it's been EOL'd.  I was rather 
more curious as to why I've never seen this brought up (been rh'ing 
since redhat5.2 fit on a single cd in a red jacket a dozen years ago).

Here's an example of why I'm so curious.  While perusing

with firefox on f10 I was surprised to find no TOC at the left.  Viewing 
the source (I added line-feeds for readability purposes) I extracted this:

<div id="tocdiv" class="toc">
   <iframe id="tocframe" class="toc" src="./toc.html">
     This is an iframe, to view it upgrade
     your browser or enable iframe display.

The rendering problems I mentioned previously all involved <iframes/>. 
I've never found anything using edit->preferences that has anything to 
do with <iframes/>.

Hard to believe I'm the only person who ever noticed it ;/

Nonetheless, thanks for your time.

Ever onward to f13 (networkmangler and no network connection; regression 
to 1280x1024).  Fun, fun, fun in the sun out here in CA, USA.

Best, :m)

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