firefox bug (fedora or mozilla?)

Ted Roche tedroche at
Fri Jul 30 14:27:43 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 6:36 PM, Mike Wright <mike.wright at> wrote:
> Thanks for that but I'm well aware that it's been EOL'd.  I was rather
> more curious as to why I've never seen this brought up (been rh'ing
> since redhat5.2 fit on a single cd in a red jacket a dozen years ago).

Since you had the problem in FireFox 3.0.x and still have it in 3.6.x,
apparently it's not a bug that's been fixed.

When you installed the most recent version of FireFox, did you do a
clean install, or did you overwrite the original troublesome version?
If the latter, I'd suspect there's something in your configuration,
plug-ins, add-ons, etc. that's causing the IFRAMEs not to render,
since other people here don't seem to have that problem.

Googling "firefox not displaying iframe" yields 5,600,000 pages with

> Hard to believe I'm the only person who ever noticed it ;/

There's a good chance something specific to your configuration is
causing the problem and that it's not related to Fedora nor the
version of FireFox you're using.

> Ever onward to f13 (networkmangler and no network connection; regression
> to 1280x1024).  Fun, fun, fun in the sun out here in CA, USA.

While it's a good idea to catch up with the currently supported
versions, if you're going to be bringing your configuration files
along, you may still be having the same problems. Before doing that,
I'd suggest you try a little more troubleshooting with the current

A couple of the pages from the Google search above suggest disabling
your add-ons and trying Safe Mode to see if that shows different

Ted Roche

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