Grub and logical partitions

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Sat Jul 31 11:16:10 UTC 2010

Michael Schwendt wrote:

>> > Can grub boot from a logical partition?
>> >
>> > It seems from my reading that it cannot.
> It can.

Well, I know it can, since I described (below)
exactly how I did it.

But what puzzles me - and none of the gurus in this thread
seem to have answered my question -
is that I can do it interactively,
but when I put exactly the same commands into grub.conf
they do not work.


I'm using the standard grub in a standard up-to-date Fedora-13.

>> > But I found that I could in fact boot from /dev/sda5
>> > if I used grub interactively, starting with
>> >   root (hd0,4)
>> > then using tab to look for kernel and initrd
>> > and finally booting.

Incidentally, you say it can be done.
So why not just give your stanza in grub.conf
that has the desired effect?

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