how not to initialize HD

Paul Cartwright ale at
Sat Jul 31 12:23:37 UTC 2010

On Sat July 31 2010, James Mckenzie wrote:
> There is and always has been a limit of 4 physical partitions.  Fedora, for
> some strange reason, wants to put a /boot in the mix if you try to boot off
> of a LVM.  I had both as physical partitions (all of the space in the
> logical is taken).  When I tried to reinstall, I forgot about the /boot and
> tried to create ANOTHER physical partition.  No space.  Maybe that is what
> Paul is encountering.  

My laptop is a Dell XPS, 4 years old.. 2Gb memory, 100Gb HD.
It has an XP NTFS partition, a FAT partition for data between Win & Lin. and 
it has a / and /home linux partitions, in total sda1-sda8. USUALLY when I 
have done an install, I just reformat sda5 "/" and use sda6 as /home, keeping 
all my data. It USED to have the Dell rescue partition, but last time I tried 
to install Fedora & initialized the HD, I had to reinstall XP from scratch, 
so I just created an NTFS partition, swap, /, and /home.
Other installers would let me do a manual install, and let me select sda5 
for "/" and reformat it. Anaconda doesn't seem to like my HD.

> Yes, what is the output of fdisk -l

hm, fdisk -l just returns my prompt back, no entry shown.
fdisk /dev/sda says it cannot open that.
> You might find that there is no space left. 

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