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On Thu, 2010-07-29 at 06:56 -0500, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> There was a court case where a company was using a copyrighted phrase
> for access control. A competitor won when they also used the same
> phrase for access control purposes.
> That was a long time ago and people seemed to feel that when a
> customer bought something, they owned it. In today's environment that
> case might have gone differently.

Now, and long ago, buying something gave you the thing to use.  It never
made it legal/right for you to blatantly rip off the design.  

  i.e. Copyright and patents have been around for decades.

You've always been liable for a whole mess of legal trouble if you
ripped off someone else's product.  It's not a new problem.

Even if you do manage to get away with reverse engineering something
that's not covered by a patent, or you find some loophole, you still
stand the chance of getting your just deserts from the original
manufacturer, when they, with their years of R&D into their product that
they have, and you don't, trump your attempt with a new and better, or
deliberately incompatible, model.

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