How can I make local dnsmasq play nicely with NetworkManager?

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Sat Jul 31 14:52:12 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-07-31 at 08:50 -0500, Robert Nichols wrote:
> I'm referring to a caching resolver running on the local machine, i.e.
>, not a nameserver running somewhere else on a local network.

If it were your DHCP server, then it could supply as the DNS
server address to that machine (I have done this before).  Though, since
you say it's not, then it'd be a DHCP client overriding configuration
that you'd apply to your computer.

> When I'm connecting via the WiFi hotspot at some local business, the
> DHCP server is not under my control.  NetworkManager invokes dhclient
> with a custom config file that NetworkManager generates anew for
> each invocation, and no customization of that configuration is
> possible.

I'm fairly sure that I read, somewhere on this list, that you could put
client options into a file that NetworkManager would pay attention to.
It wasn't the usual /etc/dhclient.conf that you'd use with the network

And people have written about customising NetworkManager settings by
right-clicking the NetworkManager icon, and editing connections (such as
putting in their own DNS server address).  With reports from some that
they were ignored, and others saying it worked.  Are you one of those
that tried that?

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