firefox bug (fedora or mozilla?)

Mike Wright mike.wright at
Sat Jul 31 15:36:34 UTC 2010

@jack, roger, stephen, aaron, tim, james, and any others I may have 
missed, thanks for all your efforts.

@list, sorry for the noise.

Once again the problem existed between the chair and the keyboard (pebcak).

I moved .mozilla out of the way and restarted firefox which recreated a 
clean .mozilla directory.  iframes worked.  So I went file by file, dir 
by dir looking for a difference that could explain what was happening.

Got to /chrome/ and found the file userContent.css where the resident 
genius had added the line iframe {display: none;}.

Sometime ago in the wayback I was experimenting with using iframes as a 
client/server communication channel and since there was no need to 
see/style them I hid them from myself (which also let me explore 
customizing firefox).  By the time I had finished with the experiments I 
had completely forgotten about userContent.css.

It's taken months to figure out what I'd done.  Sure made 
online-banking/bill-paying/etc. an endeavor every time I tried.  If it 
weren't for firebug I'd have been back to writing checks.  aaaargh!

Thankful, sorry, and embarrassed,
Mike Wright

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