Crontab as alarm clock with ogg123

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Sat Jul 31 17:20:43 UTC 2010

jack craig wrote:
> On 07/30/2010 12:44 PM, Robert Arkiletian wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 1:35 PM, Frank Cox<theatre at>  wrote:
>>> On Mon, 2010-07-26 at 12:59 -0700, Robert Arkiletian wrote:
>>>> Any  ideas much appreciated?
>>> Looks like you have the authorization for the sound device sorted out;
>>> there may also be something you have to do to tell pulseaudio to play
>>> sound for a user who is not currently logged in.
>>> I don't know enough about pulseaudio to guide you there; perhaps a
>>> google search for something like "pulseaudio user authentication" or
>>> "pulseaudio user authorization" will be of value?
>> Solved:
>> I simply removed pulseaudio and it works fine now. (on F11)
>> #yum remove pulseaudio alsa-plugins-pulseaudio
>> I must say, I find it kind of Windows-Like of Pulseaudio to force
>> users to be logged in for audio to work. I think ALSA works just fine.
> in all fairness, PA has been working fine for me...
Meaning that you are logged in all the time, of course.

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