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Paul Cartwright ale at
Sat Jul 31 21:01:40 UTC 2010

On Sat July 31 2010, Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> Since the OP claims that this setup works well with both Windows and Ubuntu
> but not with Fedora, my advice would be to burn a Fedora Live CD, boot it,
> and do a fdisk -l again to see if Fedora provides some different kind of
> output. That might give a clue to what is going on.
I have the fedora Live CD, that's what I was trying to install Fedora 13 
fdisk -l on the Live CD looks just like I already emailed you..partition 3 
does not end on a cylinder boundary.

> For the OP --- during the Fedora installation, are you sure to have
> selected "create custom layout" on the partitioning screen of Anaconda?
> There are typically several choices there, and if you choose custom layout,
> you will be given an option to manually select which partition is to be
> mounted where, will they be formatted or not, etc. I guess that is what you
> want to use, in order to have full control over the partition layout.
I never got to custom layout, you don't get past the initialize HD page.. 
either you DO initialize, or you Ignore. If you Ignore, it says there is 
no ... ok, I'm running the install again..
oh yeah, up in the right hand of the screen, just to the LEFT of the 
time/date, there is a disk icon with an exclamation point that says:
99GB Hard Disk-ATA Fujutsu MHV2100AH- Disk has many bad sectors.
It has been saying this for A YEAR in ubuntu.. and after  5-6 installs...

ok, select BASIC install
check the box for the ONLY choice- ATA Fujitsu capacity 93958 MB
then it says finding storage devices.
then it says:
error processing drive /dev/sda
this device may need to be reinitialized.

ignore, ignore all, Re-initialize, Re-initialize all.

click ignore-
no usable disks have been found-
 back, exit installer

> If Anaconda forces you to reinitialize the partition table (ie. delete all
> partition information and start from scratch) on a perfectly well-behaving
> drive, then it either means there is a serious bug/corner case in Anaconda
> somewhere, or that you have a hardware or bios problem.
> The above partition table looks completely OK, AFAIK. And I have never seen
> Anaconda insisting on reinitializing the partition table except on a brand
> new, unformatted drive.

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