problem booting F13 kernel

Craig White craigwhite at
Tue Jun 1 00:07:59 UTC 2010

I did a yum update because I was struggling with installing from the
installation CD's and everything seemed to go well.

But when I booted I got an error - something like...

kernel panic - VFS Error - can't mount filesystem hd(0,0) which should
be /boot

The F12 kernel still boots though and the kernel parameters for my F12 &
F13 kernels are essentially the same. I also have re-run grub-install
but to no avail.

This was...
May 31 13:39:23 Installed: kernel-

So I removed the kernel and re-installed and it downloaded a newer
version of the kernel...

May 31 16:16:55 Installed: kernel-

Still the same problem. The only way I can boot is to choose the one F12
kernel still installed on this system...

This is an Athlon processor, does that matter?

Any suggestions on how to proceed?


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