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Tue Jun 1 00:22:40 UTC 2010

On 06/01/2010 07:55 AM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> 4 - Belittle the designer, making remarks and suppositions about their
> personal traits, and give them some motherly/fatherly advice on how they
> must behave according to your preferences and values, and tell them
> everything they say is 'BS' when they attempt to provide the reasoning
> behind the design decisions that took place.
You said....

"Adding a direct link to torrents is costly because there's enough users
who do not know what a torrent is that you have to then also create and
somehow fit or work in an explanation of what they are and potentially
link to a tutorial that explains how to use them.."

I said...

"That is pure BS."

In essence, I classified a singular statement of yours as "BS".  Now,
how you could expand that to mean "everything" is beyond me.  If that is
how you took it, IMHO you overreacted.

For someone who has stated "Let's drop this thread, okay folks? It's
completely unproductive" you seem not ready to let it go.

Yet, I think I am learning one thing from this thread....

It starting to seem to me that "Ordinary Users" are not supposed to
offer *any* opinions on changes that affect them unless they are fully
engaged in formulating those changes.  Just take what you are given, you
peons.  :-)

It gets me to wondering how a completely new user would be greeted if
they were to see the original "new" Get Fedora web page and were to ask
"Where are the torrents?".  Would they be told..."You must Goggle to
find the torrents.", "You should have been active in the design of the
Get Fedora page."

FYI, while I wonder about these things....I don't want any answers
(speculation) on what the response would may be.  I don't want to extend
this thread either.

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